Frank Bonta

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Over the last 15 years, I have worked in a variety of environments with a focus specifically on proposal management for the past 10. Leveraging my marketing education, I started my career in a business development role. I know I am passionate about winning new business and clients, and the process behind this. I want to win. This is what drives me, and drives the organizations that I work with now in proposal management.

When I made the move to proposal management, I worked solely on government tenders across North America (all levels) for a uniform supplier. I leveraged that experience into working for a major BPO (business process outsourcing) provider, working on both government and non-government (private) tenders, winning major contracts with Fortune 500 organizations across North America. These experiences were parlayed into working with firms specializing in Real Estate/Relocation Services, and most recently in the recruitment industry.

I am not an expert in any specific industry. It is my job as a proposal professional for hire to know my industry - the proposal industry, and leverage your knowledge into winning proposals. My passion, time and people management skills, the ability to learn any industry quickly, and the path of success stories that remains at any organization i work with is why people turn to me for Proposal Management services.

When not working on winning proposals, I spend my time volunteering with Scouts Canada, and travelling the world.